REBEL Gas Filter Cartridges A1

REBEL Gas Filter Cartridges A1


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Introducing our range of cartridges designed to complement our Reusable Half Mask Double Cartridge Respirator for optimal safety and performance. Available in two variants, A1 and ABEK1, these cartridges are crafted to filter out a wide range of harmful gases and particulates, ensuring a high level of protection in various environments. The A1 cartridge is ideal for organic gases and vapours, while the ABEK1 cartridge provides protection against organic, inorganic, acid gases, and ammonia derivatives. Our cartridges are easy to attach using the bayonet system, enabling quick and secure fitting. Enhance the effectiveness of your TPE mask with our reliable cartridges, tailored to meet your specific safety requirements.

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Agriculture, Chemical and petrochemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Chemical washing, Factories, Fibreglass and dust environments, Manufacturing Plants, Painting and spraying

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