REBEL Mouth Shield

REBEL Mouth Shield


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The new REBEL Mouth Shield is designed to limit the spread of germs from a user’s mouth and nose to the immediate environment. The mouth shield is well suited for workers in a range of environments including hospitality, food dispensing, hair, beauty and cosmetics, dental, education, fitness and retail industries, as well as professional and personal services.

One size fits all – easy to customize fit and feel for any face
Easy to clean and reusable
Can be worn with spectacles and any hair length or style
Anti-fog coating on the surface limits the build up of moisture
Transparent and ergonomic design
Does not conceal the face or facial expressions
Does not restrict vision or line of sight (Essential for work purposes)
Hypoallergenic – does not chafe or cause irritation to skin
Can be worn throughout the day with no discomfort
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Note: there is no current homologation or approval for the mouth shield, as it is a totally new product, and testing agencies such as SABS or ISO (International Standards Organisation) have no current standard against which to test the product. Both the REBEL mouth shield and the usual disposable face masks have no approval. However, we feel that the REBEL mouth shield is more effective than the face shield, as spit / droplets which are potentially infected with bacteria are projected in an outwards and then downwards direction. The mouthshield will capture those droplets better than a face shield will, and hence protect people that are in close proximity to the user, or else protect the product / process that the user is working on. We do stress however, that the REBEL mouthshield is not designed to protect the wearer – rather it is designed to protect the people or processes that the wearer comes into contact with.

We emphasise that other COVID-19 prevention measures should still be taken, such as social distancing, sanitising etc. Use the mouth shield to ensure that you don’t infect people or objects around you during the course of your job, and while you are able to social distance. When you leave your job for the day, and are not able to social distance (e.g. going home by taxi), then protect yourself by wearing a normal face mask.


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